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Limited Motion Knee Braces

Limited Motion Knee Braces are hinged knee braces that are worn following an injury or following surgery.    In particular, they are often prescribed when someone has injured one of the four major structural ligaments of the knee.  They are designed to restrict the patient’s range of knee flexion/extension to the desired degree. Usually, patients are progressively given more range of motion (ROM) as their healing progresses.

The Orthotist will custom fit the brace initially.  Once this first fitting has occurred, it is very easy to remove and

re-apply it.  When reapplying the brace try to line the middle of the hinge up with the middle of the patella (knee cap).

When someone’s limb is immobilized for an extended period of time, they often experience atrophy (wasting) of the limb muscles.  This causes plaster and fiberglass casts to become loose.  This isn’t an issue with limited motion knee braces however, because they can be tightened to maintain a snug fit.

These braces can be worn under or over clothing.  Patients are not usually permitted to alter the knee joint settings (this is to be done by the Orthotist, Surgeon or Doctor).