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Lumbar Sacral Braces

Lumbar Sacral Braces are made from a variety of materials and provide different degrees of support.  Rigid braces are commonly referred to as Taylor Braces.  These back braces are often fitted following lumbar spinal surgery, such as laminectomies and vertebral fusions.  Taylor braces are sometimes used to treat fractures, osteoporosis and other degenerative changes in the spine. If the condition involves thoracic vertebrae, an extended version of the brace is used with straps that go over the shoulders.

Boston overlap braces are custom made thermoplastic back braces. They are frequently used to treat stress fractures and scoliosis in teenagers and spinal weakness/degeneration in older patients.  Like Taylor braces, they significantly restrict flexion/ extension and lateral flexion of the spine.

Lumbar Sacral Braces are also made from elastic materials with Velcro closures.  These are less restrictive than the aforementioned braces, and thus less cumbersome to wear.  These range from basic abdominal wraps (commonly fitted following abdominal surgery) to double panel, reinforced braces for greater support.  All of these braces are designed to be worn under clothing.  However, it’s advisable to wear a singlet between the brace and your skin.

Braces are also available for different types of hernias.  These include abdominal and inguinal hernias (single and double).  Other braces are designed to restrict movement at the sacroiliac joints. These are thin braces, and worn just below your waist.  They are commonly worn during or following pregnancy.

Furthermore, lumbar support cushions are available for home and car use.