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Upper Limb Fractures

Upper Limb Fractures can be immobilized in a variety of different ways.  Traditionally, people have been cast in plaster of paris (POP), but sometimes a fiberglass cast or a thermoplastic splint is used. For minor fractures of the wrist/hand, sometimes a prefabricated wrist brace is appropriate.

Fibreglass is lighter than POP and comes in a variety of colours. Thermoplastic splints have the advantage of being removable.  However, patients are only permitted to remove them if their Doctor permits.


For traditional casts, our orthotists will usually place a soft foam lining under the cast.  This provides optimum comfort but it mustn’t get wet.  Patients are advised to tape a plastic bag over their limb when showering.  

Waterproof options are available, however.  Fibre glass casts can be lined with a waterproof lining and thermoplastic splints can get wet, also.

For other finger/hand fractures, the orthotists will often make custom made thermoplastic splints.

Clavicle fractures are usually immobilized with an orthosis that retracts the shoulders, but sometimes a simple shoulder sling is appropriate.

Humeral Fracture braces are also available.